Sonntag, November 16, 2008

Today Seve, Jan, Sandro and Andi left Osaka after a unforgetable two weeks in Japan. Stay tuned on this blog for some final postings in the next couple of days.

Takashi knows about the 5th, yo!

Mittwoch, November 12, 2008

Thank you Junji, for introducing us to some amazing skatespots in Kobe!

Daytrip to Kobe.

To play it safe, ask to see his/her crotch...

Most underrated Karaoke talent choosing his next big hit.

Kore yabai!

Chilling at Sankaku-koen with the Osaka Daggers, Vivien and John.

Severin enjoys adult entertainment in Osaka.


For relaxing travelling, choose Eastpak.

Beer, Hot Water... that's what you call a Onsen night in Odayba!

Enjoying tasty Japanese food with Makoto, Julien, Yankee-Chris and Okkun on a Yokohama skatetrip

Dienstag, November 04, 2008

der Jetlag ist lautlos und kommt überraschend wie ein Ninja

kaum angekommen... minus 1 pass (Jan natürlich). egal, mal etwas essen!